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Quick Tips

Quick Tips save you time and money. They can also reduce the frustration you face in trying to find answers, which are not always easy to find.

Time is money for small business, and sitting on a phone trying to get basic information can eat up time better spent serving your customers or getting your own product out the door. We do the basic research for small business on ideas, services or products to help you green your business. Quick Tips do not endorse any particular product, service or supplier. As always it’s buyer beware when you put your money on the table.

Where appropriate Quick Tips include ’sudden death’ questions that you need to ask when considering a purchase so that you enhance the value of your purchase. 

Quick Tips are from 1 to 4 pages in length, depending on the complexity of the issue. In our first year you can expect one every two weeks, you choose what interests you; what will help your business. Quick Tips are vetted by a multi-stakeholder team of experts before they are released.  Even sponsored Quick Tips must pass through this process, so these are not ads for a particular company.

Members can send in requests for issues they need researched and we will do the work. We will try to post the results of your request as quickly as we can, while providing you with well researched, credible answers.

If you are a member of the collaboration at www.goingforthegreen.net, Quick Tips are available at no extra charge.

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