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Handbook - Hard Copy Version

A Manufacturer's Handbook on Going for the Green

This option is for those people who still benefit from being able to hold a book in their hands. This is the updated version of the Handbook, which includes new features based on feedback from the over 50,000 users of our first version.

Key differences between this version and the first include:

  • Colour photographs to help visually explain important details
  • More templates, with the option to use activated Excel files to automatically calculate and record your baseline results
  • Time, cost and payback estimates tied to each tool described
  • Assistance with documenting results to improve your productivity
  • Updated data to keep the handbook current
  • A brand new help section called the Tool Box, which provides:
  • Real case studies on successes and failures
  • Guidance on how you can save money while going for the green
  • An introduction to evaluating your supply chain
  • Some financing options you may not have considered

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